Here goes…

So here it is. My first blogpost. Well second really, as I had to have a trial run to see how it all works. For an animal that spends most of its time dangling from branches, it sure can be hard to find your feet in this new world of technology.

I guess the first thing to answer is, “Why is the Philososloth blogging?” Well, I have always really enjoyed writing. Stories, essays, and articles. In journals, on napkins or in café menus. So it seems like a natural transition to make it out of the cosy habitat of pen-nibbling and nib-sucking, to keyboard clacking and suave coffee-sipping.

What I want the blog to be about? The blog is going to be about the things that really interest me. Politics, philosophy, especially ethics, reasons for action and weakness of will. Hopefully I will present these in an interesting way, allowing for one or two of my soapbox rants, if I see anything in the news that requires urgent venting. Though with my slow typing and sloth-like calm, I doubt there will be too many of these latter posts.

Well, let’s dive into it and see how it goes…


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