Confessions of a repentant philososloth

The philososloth has had complaints that he’s breaking the Trades Description Act. Recently there have been a host of political articles on Norwegian affairs and Britain’s troubled relationship with the EU, but there has been a marked paucity of articles relating to philosophy.

Due partly to the fact that “the politicosloth” doesn’t even scan, but mainly for fear of undergoing an existentialist crisis, the philososloth has decided it’s high time that he does what it says on the tin… philososlothing!

So from now on I promise at least one philososlothical posting every week.

I Kant be more serious!

Oh come on, where’s your sense of Hume-our?


One thought on “Confessions of a repentant philososloth

  1. Way to bring on the cheese there at the end, philososloth!

    And it’s high time you publish some philosophy for your philosophriends.

    God save the Queen!


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