The return of the Philososloth (again)

It seems like too much has been happening recently. The Philososloth, used to calm sprinkles of news coming in at a gentle pace, has practically been blown off the branch by the avalanche of news stories. In the last few weeks Britain has voted to leave the EU; the Prime Minister has resigned; UKIP, the Greens and Labour are having a leadership elections and the Tories, who were going to have a leadership election, but decided that their lust for power was more important, have chosen their new leader and Prime Minister.

If I had the savviness of a Tory spin doctor, I would say that my delay in covering this news has allowed me the distance for refelection and chewing the political cud to deliver top drawer analysis. In truth, however, I have suffered from the apathy and incompetence of a Labour leadership challenger and have simply been caught in politics limbo at the sheer rate of news.

Anywho… in the coming weeks (more likely months, at this rate) I shall be covering the recent developments in UK politics with the leisurely tone that only hindsight can provide.  I will cover Brexit, the Labour leadership election, the Conservative leadership election (for what it was) and the other twists and turns of recent political developments.

That’s all for now, but watch this space for updates from the Philososloth. But don’t hold your breath, I wouldn’t want to be held responsible for the unfortunate results.


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