The Socialists (Sosialistisk Venstreparti)

The leaders in the Socialist Party like to think that their membership is made up of the proletariat: decent hard-working people hewing the wood and all that. In actual fact the Socialists consist of a motley crew of tired academics in cardigans and young postgraduates working in coffee shops.

This odd mix of dishevelled 68ers and young types leafing through the latest charity shop to open in the trendier parts of Oslo, love nothing better than discussing the plight of the working class while sipping a fine Bordeaux or looking up the next charity shop on their smart phone.

Currently around 4% on opinion polls, they could play this party important role in the next election. Having said they won’t necessarily sit in a government with the Labour Party, they have potential to grow as disillusioned Labourites are scared away due to Labour’s hard-line immigration rhetoric. Then again they could become completely invisible because Labour is more interested in courting the centrist Christians, than in worrying about what a bunch of not-so-trendy lefties think.


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