Labour (Arbeiderpartiet)

The “Workers’ Party”, as they are somewhat anachronistically named, tries hard to conceal the fact that it no longer contains any actual workers. The party does have a proud history of ruling Norway and making society-altering improvements for the common man, woman and sloth. But, these days its members are mainly well-educated ambitious types, who are in the party more because it will inevitably back in power one day, than fighting class injustices.

Recently Labour has adopted a more hard-line approach on immigration in order to try to attract some of the more unreflected masses over from the Populists. It’ll be interesting to see how well this strategy works, and how much the pro-immigration Socialists may benefit from Labour’s position.

Similar to the Labour Party of the UK there is a growing gulf between the moralising trendy elite in the capital and their traditional base. In fact, a direct comparison of Norwegian Labour and UK Labour would be a great idea for a post! Watch this space.


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