Meet the Sloth

I am an arboreal, warm-blooded creature. I spend most of my day suspended in trees and idle thought. Sloths are thought to sleep between 10 and 18 hours daily, but this simply isn’t true. We docile creatures have devised a cunning plan to appear sleeping during these hours while we actually contemplate the nature of life, the universe, and well–everything. I, for one, am not preoccupied with such metaphysical bull…er…matters. I prefer to spend my reflective periods chewing on shoots and leaves (vegetarian, you know), and pondering. My areas of specialty include politics, classical & modern philosophy, ethics, reason in all its guises, and, as I do so little of it, the theory of action.

As many dismiss philosophy as being irrelevant and some dismiss politics as being boring (NOT SO!), it is my mission to shed some light on these topics and throw my ideas out into the deep chasms of the internet. Feel free to comment but remember: don’t feed the trolls, feed the sloths instead.



2 thoughts on “Meet the Sloth

  1. Dear Philososloth,

    I am taken aback by your superb vocabulary and your continual witticisms. I was unaware sloths were literate at all! (What are they teaching in schools today??)

    I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts on man and the meaning of life. Good luck on this endeavour!


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